Only field name is required for the field.

For all fields text values will be trimmed from leading and trailing white spaces.


Name Type Default Description
name string   column name in database and unique identifier of the field
label string .name name of field if UI
description string   short description for the field, will be shown in UI as hint
required boolean false is field required
disabled boolean false is user allowed to edit field
hidden boolean false do not show field in UI. Implicitly disables field
default string   default value for the field. Supports template
type type string field type
pattern string   validate user input by regular expression (only for string types)
options []Option   enum of allowed values
multiple boolean false allow multiple options
multiline boolean false tell UI to show multi-line input. Has no effect for backend
icon string   (0.2.0+) icon name, currently supported only MDI


  • required fields can not be empty
  • default field can be used for prefill
  • description supports markdown and supports templating
  • if options is set then:
    • with multiple: true it acts as “any of” (multiple choice)
    • otherwise it acts “one of” (single pick)
  • if multiple is true, depending on storage, information will be stored as array or as plain string
  • icon should contain type (mdi) and icon name. For example: mdi mdi-cake

The system has minimal trust to user input therefore:

  • hidden or disabled fields are ignored even if it was provided in POST request
  • type and pattern verification will be additionally checked on backend side


- name: delivery_date
  label: When to deliver
  default: '{{now | date "2006-01-02T15:04"}}'
  required: true
  type: date-time

- name: birthday
  label: Your birthday
  default: '{{now | date "2006-01-02"}}'
  description: We will give you a discount
  type: date
  icon: "mdi mdi-cake"

- name: client_id
  label: Customer
  default: '{{.User}}' # from OIDC
  required: true
  disabled: true

- name: dough
  label: Dough kind
  default: "thin"
    - label: Hand made
      value: hand-made
    - label: Thin crust
      value: thin

- name: cheese
  label: Pick cheese
  required: true
  multiple: true
    - label: Italian Mozzarella
      value: mozzarella
    - label: Spanish Cheddar
      value: cheddar
    - label: Something Else
      value: something

- name: phone
  label: Phone number
  required: true
  description: Please use real phone number - we will contact you


Type Format Example
string any string foo bar baz
integer number 1234
float number with dot 12345.789
boolean true/false false
date YYYY-MM-DD 2023-01-30
date-time YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm 2023-01-30T16:05


  • boolean requires string representation of true/false
  • time/date handling in Go is quite special:
    • use 2006-01-02 for date
    • use 2006-01-02T15:04 for date-time


Name Type Default Description
label string   UI visible label for the option
value string   Value for the option which will be saved in storage
- name: dough
  label: Dough kind
  default: "thin"
    - label: Hand made
      value: hand-made
    - label: Thin crust
      value: thin